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Warm-up (No Measure)

Warm up

2 Rounds:

10 Squat to stand with reach

5 slow Air Squats with pause at bottom

20 Pike Press

10 Alt Arm Shoulder Taps

20 Sit-Ups

Stretch out the legs, arms and a bit of the back too

Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

16 min EMOM

M1: Elevated leg Push-ups (from sofa/bed)

M2: Single Leg Pistol Squats (from bed/sofa)

M3: Leg Lifts (L, R, Centre)

M4: Twisted Mountain Climbers (opp knee to opp elbow)
1. Complete as many reps of each movement every minute

2. Its about quality over quantity of reps, make each rep count

3. Take a 10 second gap between each movement

4. Complete 4 Rounds of the entire circuit (approx. 16 mins of work)

Take a 3 minute break and attempt it again if you want a more intense workout

5. Use this link to set the timer for your work


Movement guide:

1. Leg elevation Pushup


2. Pistol to bench


3. Leg raises/lifts (same principle for side raises)


4. Twisted Mountain Climbers https://youtu.be/QaOHawlJ7Aw

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