It’s laterally Thursday!!

Crossfit Real Life – CrossFit

Lateral warm-up#1 (No Measure)

10 Lateral lunges

10 Mtr Lateral band walks

5 Mtr Lateral runs with side touches x2

10 Mtr High knee Karaoke

10mtr Duck Walk

10 KBS

10 Hollow Hold to Superman

10 Lat Pull Downs


T2B Variants

EMOM x 3 Rounds

R1: T2B (Straight)

R2: T2B (Right)

R3: T2B (Left)

R4: Straight leg raises
Scale the T2B with

Knees to chest, knees to elbows or knee tucks

Only absolute beginners do leg lifts off the ground

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


R1: 12 Lateral KB Lunges (16/12)

R2: Max Reps DU/SU

R3: 20 American KBS (16 /12)

R4: Max Reps DU/SU

R5: 12 Alt Single Arm OH KB Squats (16/12)

R6: Max Reps DU/SU
– Beginner: (6/8)

– Inter: (8/12)

– Rest After finishing the stipulated reps for the minute

– No break for the DU/SU – should be unbroken

– 1 DU = 3 SU

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