What if I told you that there is a way to double your chances at transforming your health and fitness, to make workouts more fun and interesting, and to ensure that you are motivated to get into the gym regularly? Would you be interested?

This may sound too good to be true, but studies have shown that your chances of completing a goal are increased by 65% if you commit to the goal along with a partner and by a whopping 95% if you have a regular accountability appointment with your partner (American Society of Training and Development).

You need practice to achieve anything in life. Just like other activities, working out is something you get better at with time. So if you want to change your fitness habits, it’s important that you identify the right commitment system to help you reach your goals. It’s easier to get something done when you are accountable to someone or a group of people for doing what you said you would do. This is the power of social expectation.

Suppose you tell your boss that you are going to send in a report by the end of the week, you are likely to stick to your word. Or imagine you tell a client you’ll do something – chances are high that you will deliver on your word. The expectation of someone else is motivation enough to make you commit to the task and get it done.

Other peoples’ expectations can motivate you to commit to a goal and reach it.

But when you make a commitment only with yourself — that you will start working out, quit smoking, or eat healthy — you are less likely to do it. Since no one else knows about this commitment, it’s easy to choose something that’s more comfortable and slack on your commitment.


You can make a commitment today to reach all your fitness goals. Choose your spouse, friend, partner, parent, sibling or relative and tell them your fitness goal and why you want achieve it. Ask them to hold you accountable to your goal and help you stay committed.

Making your goals public will help you recieve responses that will fuel your desire to reach them!

Let your accountability partner know what you’d like them to do if you slack on your commitments. Let the accountability be mutual. If both of you aren’t committed to the goals, it will be easy for either one to slack off. Ensure that your partner challenges you and motivates you to succeed.


For accountability to work, you need to have a way to measure and record your progress. Go to the gym along with your partner so that they can help you keep a track your progress. Actions supercede verbal commitments, so let your progress be tangible and measureable

Move beyond just talk and commit to actions that will help you reach your goals forward, and allow someone else to hold you accountable.

Accountability is the perfect commitment system you need for achieving long-term goals. If your goal demands it, seek out partners, coaches, or resources that can offer expert support and knowledge you need to succeed. If you are struggling to stick to a gym, diet, or workout plan, an accountability partner can make a huge difference.


CrossFit is a community-based workout. It’s great to attend CrossFit workouts along with a partner since the workouts are designed to be completed in a group. Most CrossFit boxes also work with a system that allows easy tracking of your workout and fitness progress and goals. You will also receive personal attention and care from the trainers, who will not only hold you accountable but also ensure that you are equipped and empowered to reach your goals.

We, at CrossFit Real Life, are dedicated to empowering you to reach your fitness goals. We also believe in the importance of having a workout partner, so this Valentine’s day, we are offering you huge discounts when you sign up with a partner. To know more, click here.

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