CrossFit Real Life – Sign Up with a Friend 2018-02-13T10:20:39+00:00

Do you want to DOUBLE the chances of hitting your fitness goals?


Studies have found that you have a 95% of completing a goal if you have a specific accountability partner. This is especially true for fitness goals.

This Valentine’s Day we’re giving you the opportunity to sign up with a friend for CrossFit and get 50% off on the second membership.

Why CrossFit Real Life?

  • We are all about community and building friendships
  • We are dedicated to helping you reach your goals through these relationships
  • We have a great facility and world-class equipment
  • Our trainers are CrossFit certified
  • You will receive personal care and attention at all times
  • We work with WODIFY, an app-based system that allows you to track your workouts and progress and set goals