The fitness industry is full to the brim with so many workout types (powerlifting, bodybuilding, cardiovascular training, CrossFit, and the list goes on), different nutrition plans and diets, and the next best way to burn belly fat. With so many options around, it’s easy for someone starting out to get confused and overwhelmed. You want to get fit, but where do you start?

Before you start, you should consider what your goals are. It’s easier to hit a target if you know where it is. Are you looking to get healthier, lose weight, look better, build a lot of muscle, or maybe just try and hook up with someone at the gym?  Your training plan should support your goals and help you reach them.

Today, let’s look at two different styles of training and which one you should choose. One has been around for ages, and the other is a relatively new form of workout that is taking the world by storm.


If you go strictly by stereotypes and social media, you probably think that bodybuilding is only for vain, obnoxious, genetically gifted brutes, who don’t care about anything other than their muscles and their looks.

Bodybuilding Stereotype

However, if you go deeper into the world of bodybuilding, you’ll find how incorrect these views are. The essence of bodybuilding is exactly what the name sounds like – taking your natural gift, i.e., your body, and working extremely hard to build it exactly how you want it to look. The focus is growth and development of your muscles while reducing body fat as much as possible.

Bodybuilding is something that almost everyone in the fitness world, especially in India, aspires to. Dropping a dress/pant size? Looking good in swimwear? These desires are perfectly in line with the bodybuilding mentality. Its the pursuit of aesthetic improvement through a clean diet and hard work at the gym. Bodybuilding tends to deliver the best results if your goal is to build a proportionate and aesthetic physique. However, remember that the bodybuilding process is lengthy, and to see results, you need to be patient and dedicated to a strict regimen.


Let’s start with stereotypes again – according to gym rats and #crossfitfail videos, CrossFit is the easiest way to injure yourself, have the worst form at exercises, and build a disproportionate physique.

CrossFit stereotypes

Nothing could be farther from reality though. CrossFit is primarily a functional strength and conditioning program. The focus is not on one particular aspect of strength, health, muscle, or training, but rather a mixture of all these things and more to help you develop yourself holistically and become the fittest person you can be. Crossfit is not always about losing fat or building muscle like bodybuilding is. Instead, it’s about turning yourself into a true athlete, who can lift a ton of weight, with short rest periods, as well as repeat this over and over again. An athlete needs to be great at more than just one aspect of physical fitness, and that is exactly what CrossFit is designed for.


Like we said above and in our previous post, this really depends on your goals. If you wish to target specific muscles to build, shape, and sculpt your body, then Bodybuilding is the way to go. Choose CrossFit if you want to take a more holistic approach to your fitness.

You may think that there’s no way you could ever do a CrossFit workout because of the intensity involved, but the reality is that if you put your mind to it, you can quickly become a great CrossFitter and an overall stronger and fitter individual both mentally and physically. Every CrossFit workout is scalable, and it’s just a matter of working at your own pace, setting your own goals, and achieving them in your own way.

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